Celebrating my first anniversary with my girlfriend in Tampa

My girlfriend actually enjoyed feeding the giraffes in the Safari Africa exhibit.

Last Sunday was the first anniversary with my beloved girlfriend; I wanted to take her to do something fun for the afternoon to celebrate. I knew that we could possibly have brunch in downtown Tampa, even though I thought the two of us could spend the afternoon at the zoo… My girlfriend recently moved to the Tampa suburbs plus she has never been to the zoo. The zoo is a single place that I actually love. I think a lot about the exhibits too, plus I gave a lot of extra information while walking through each exhibit. I think that my girlfriend was impressed by the look in her eyes, she was having a fantastic time. The zoo in Tampa has a single of the nicest displays of rhinoceros, tigers, Komodo dragons, plus sloth bears. The entire Asian gardens exhibit has a very authentic look plus feel… Even the architecture has the look plus spirit of authentic asian culture. My favorite exhibit is the primate section. It is nicely designed with different areas for the pets to play. There are rocks everywhere plus waterfalls that stretch across the whole area. My girlfriend actually enjoyed feeding the giraffes in the Safari Africa exhibit. There is an actually cool place to sit down plus relax, plus the two of us together had brunch while peacefully watching the elephants trot around. The whole afternoon was perfect plus the two of us really had a good time spending the night in Tampa as well. The two of us went to a nice restaurant plus we walked downtown on Bayshore Boulevard. I hope my girlfriend plus I will have more anniversaries that are just as nice plus beautiful as our first anniversary.