Central a/c is a worthwhile investent

The weather in my local section makes central a/c a luxury rather than a necessity.

Most of my neighbors have not bothered with the investment.

My buddy and I spend so much on heating equipment & heating bills, that it can be a relief to simply open with windows when the weather warms up. While our summer time season is officially short, we can expect uneven temperatures in the eighties. The humidity is always brutal. A sizzling & sticky environment is not fantastic for relaxing, sleeping or being productive. The muggy conditions can be blamed for headaches & aggravated symptoms of flu symptoms & asthma. I know that window cooling units are particularly popular. For a couple hundred dollars, these compact units are easy to install & keep a single room nice & cool. I do not like the look of window air conditioners. They block the view from the window & destroy curb appeal. I don’t want to carry an air conditioner down from the attic in the Springtime & haul it back up there in the fall. I am not pleased with having one room the ideal temperature & the next room super sizzling & uncomfortable. I don’t want family members closed off in their dining rooms instead of hanging out together. It was worth it to me to invest into central a/c. I love better aesthetics, quiet operation & perfect temperature throughout the whole house. I adjust the thermostat & every room benefits from cooled, filtered & circulated airflow. The system helps with excess humidity & provides superior indoor air quality. I spent a bit extra for a 26 SEER equipment that keeps running costs to a minimum.

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