Chain fences are cheaper

I live in a state where there is consistently something silly happening, but if there is a story that is unbelievable, more than likely it happened in the state that I live in.

It’s so well known that it’s a running joke throughout the country.

It’s so bad that before a acquaintance of mine moved here he was afraid that all these wild pets would be all over his backyard and I tried to tell his that it’s not like that at all. Plus, most backyards where I live are fenced in and those fences keep the critters and wild pets away, however but I must confess that there are times where these pets do scale our fences, however for example, I have seen a story with an alligator scaling a chain affix fence… To be honest, I had no system that gators could climb fences however again, as I said before, if it’s a silly story then it will happen here. The latest story that I came across was a bear that climbed a fence at an air force base. Both fences were chain affix fences and the fence that the bear climbed had barbed wires at the top of it. The purpose of the barbed wires is to keep intruders out and to keep the property safe. But in this case, the bear was not fazed by them, wire fences are among the cheapest on the market and they are entirely official where I live. But if bears and gators are scaling these fences, I would have minute thoughts about installing them on my property. Perhaps those fences need to be higher to deter these larger pets.



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