Changed the seasoned beach house with residential HVAC

Living in the city was starting to get to me… It had been more than 2 decades of downtown house life for myself and others since I left college for this task… Don’t get myself and others wrong, I’m right where I want to be career wise.

  • I’m doing what I want to do and making a truly nice living… Additionally, I’m now on the upper floors where I have floor to ceiling windows and a remarkable view of the city… Every one of us even have zone controlled HVAC in this office so I have a control unit just inside the door… There are evenings where our wifey will come up to our office and we’ll open some wine and just watch the city below.

It’s quite a life and I love our house as well. It has central a/c, plenty of space and all the amenities, then but what it doesn’t have is open, red space with quiet serenity for miles. That’s what I was in need of. This is the way I grew up… My parents still live in the woods and I undoubtedly missed that, but so I just bought an seasoned hunting beach house that is just under more than 2 thirds out of the city. It’s on 12 acres of land that backs into federally protected forrest. It’s perfection. But I did have to add a pair of ductless heat pumps to that seasoned beach house among other renovations, otherwise, I don’t know I’d have ever seen our wifey out there. She enjoyed the program of having a beach house in the woods. But she wanted new residential HVAC, great kitchen appliances, a nice bed, satellite wi-fi and some better furnishings. I tested all of that and I’m recognizably impressed with the quality heating and air that I get from the ductless heat pumps.


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