Changing out my air filters just in time

I think I changed out my air filter just in time.

I will admit that I haven’t changed it on my ear fullers in quite a long time now but I know that I needed to but it was something I had been putting off for quite a while.

I’m pretty bad when it comes to procrastinating anything and I was procrastinating putting off having my air filter changed. The reason that I was procrastinating? The reason was because I didn’t want to have to make a trip down to the heating and AC store to pick up new air filters, I know that if I wanted to make it easier myself I would just go to the heating and AC store once a month and pick up multiple air filters and so I wouldn’t have to make multiple trips again AC store but for some reason every time I get there I never want to buy them at all because it’s more expensive, and so because of this I end up in the same vicious cycle every time it’s time for any change my air filter where I procrastinate putting in a new air filter because I have to run down to the heating and AC store and buy one, but then every time down at the heating and AC store I don’t want to buy several because mine several is more expensive than just buying one. Someone help me. I can’t change. At least I’m too stubborn to change my ways when it comes to something as simple as an air filter. Well then I started having problems with my AC system and I had to call a heating and AC business to come out and take a look at the issue. When the HVAC technician arrived she told me that I was damaging my HVAC by not changing my air filters frequently enough. That gave me the wake of call I needed and I quickly changed out my air filter. He said that if I changed it that day I would have changed it just in time.

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