Changing the sheets is like changing air filters

I was changing the sheets on the bed and listening to the radio when they came up with the survey of the day.

  • They were saying that over 40% of the population only changes their sheets about once every two weeks.

25% of the population changes their sheets weekly. I know that the dead skin rubs off on those sheets when you are sleeping, and I change my sheets about twice a week, to refrain from getting itchy. I know I wouldn’t wear my pajamas for two weeks, so why keep the sheets on for two weeks. I was really grossed out with this, and I thought about how the same dust that gathers on our sheets is also what gets onto our air filters. You wouldn’t think to leave your air filters in the furnace or air conditioner without changing them on a regular basis. You know what not changing the air filters can do. The air filters can stop airflow and can destroy your HVAC system. Did you ever consider what added dirt and dead skin can do to your sheets. You need to have airflow in your bed. The mattress gets filled with dust and dirt from the body. Maybe this has to do with some of our skin problems and with the itching that happens in the winter. The dry air, coupled with the dirty sheets, can really cause some major skin irritations. I’m not going to change my air filters twice a week, but I do try to change them every couple of weeks, depending on the season.


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