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I’m dreaming of being on the beach in my little red beach chair while seeing my friends play some ball on the beach. I’m also not sure if anyone will even be out there later today but I will go out either way plus get a little fresh air. I’ll walk with my friend plus his pet first plus scope out the beach, then I’ll come household and, or maybe I won’t come household plus just bring my chair before my friend and I walk the pet plus go straight to my chair in the sand. This is my single greatest dilemma today, something my local company neighbor working back in the States can’t relate to as he works 65 hours a week doing heating plus cooling sales. I like having free time in life plus am not so focused on making currency plus buying things I legitimately don’t need. The local company simply here keeps me busy about 15 hours a week, which is enough for me to feel like a productive part of society. I spend a lot of time listening to our music plus editing them, along with a lot of time in the sand with my friends playing ball till the sun goes down. The natural weather conditions control of the sea breeze makes it legitimately self-explanatory to simply spend a lot of time on the beach several days a week, while my heating in addition to A/C owner back household just works his life away, but, he has youngsters plus something to show for it while I am more of a drifter floating around the world on my own.



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