Check the Heating & A/C plan after severe weather events

I live in a region that sees its even-handed share of turbulent weather.

There are a number of high powered storms that tends to really rock our region.

And with those storms often comes high winds that can really shake a house. Those high winds can also cause significant injure as well. I do my best to prepare for these storms but there is also only so much one can do. The Heating & A/C equipment is also quite vulnerable when these storms hit. Of course, the Heating & A/C chaletet that holds the compressor plus condenser are the most vulnerable. However, I do have a hard plastic shell that I can fit over the Heating & A/C chaletet to protect it. This shell keeps limbs from trees plus other debris that become projectiles from damaging the Heating & A/C equipment. I generally wait until the storm is approaching before I put the shell over the Heating & A/C chaletet. The heating plus cooling plan needs to be off when that happens anyway. But all of us had a storm not too long ago that even shook the HVAC duct. I was really surprised by this. After the storm, the Heating & A/C equipment was great because it was protected. Yet, there was shifts that caused separation between the HVAC duct joints. So I called the Heating & A/C supplier to come out to do the HVAC duct cleaning plus HVAC duct resealing. This was something that was long overdue anyway. I sort of killed 2 birds with one brick on that one. Once all of us had the HVAC duct cleaning plus HVAC duct resealing done, all of us were in really nice shape. It’s hard to know that storms can even effect the HVAC duct in a home.
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