Choosing a commercial rooftop Heating plus Air Conditioning unit for hair salon

I recently decided to purchase a commercial building in order to open a hair salon.

At that time, I was chopping hair out of a room at our apartment plus the situation wasn’t ideal.

I was hoping to give more parking, rent spots to other stylists plus have passable space for a tanning bed plus manicure/pedicure stations! My budget was rather limited, and since our hubby plus I are both quite handy, I looked for a building in a fantastic location that was in need of some replaces. I was able to pay less because the building needed a fantastic deal of work plus remodeling. My hubby plus I had no complication ripping out the floors, replacing windows, updating the plumbing fixtures or installing sinks. However, I decided to hire a professional for help with the heating plus cooling system. There was an outdated plus legitimately large packaged Heating plus Air Conditioning unit taking up a lot of space in the parking lot. It was situated in a way that made it legitimately susceptible to shoppers hitting it with their cars. The outer cottageet was dented plus rusted. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning company checked the equipment, she recommended replacing it entirely. She said I’d end up saving money by installing a more energy efficient system. She also suggested that I switch to a commercial rooftop unit. This style of system combines heating plus cooling into a single piece of machine that is installed on the roof. It frees up fancy space, never detracts from aesthetics plus is not accessible to vandalism. If the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit requires service, there is no disruption to daily operation of our business. Plus, with the heating plus cooling machine up on the roof, the sound levels are kept to a minimum.


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