Christmas in the South was certainly a fantastic experience

I never certainly planned to go have Christmas in the South before, however I had a cousin down there who insisted that I bring our family down there… It’s funny because by instinct, I brought warmer clothes for everybody; My wifey was saying that it might certainly be hot down there however I had to say something stupid love it’s chilly everywhere during the winter, even though that’s far from being true; So when both of us got down there, it was not only hot however there was something about the air quality.

I certainly thought it felt nice with the perfect levels of humidity.

It was cool seeing all kinds of Christmas decorations everywhere when it was perfectly hot outside. It wasn’t boiling or anything however legitimately just the right un-even temperatures in the mid 79s. I loved how our cousin’s apartment was decorated; He had a few palm trees on his property that he had decked out with lights. He had an inflatable snowman plus everything. I recognize that’s something that I would miss if I had to live in the South where it obviously never snows. He even had a fireplace inside, however not a real a single. It was a single of those faux fireplaces plus he didn’t even have the heating setting on, just the flames which was great. Honestly, the flames in this faux fireplace looked entirely real, so it was a brilliant decoration that went with all the other decorations in his arena, but both of us had the most lovely Christmas plus I especially enjoyed our Christmas feast while unbelievable next to that faux fireplace.


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