Christmas Tree Farm Means Getting Those Heaters Meant for Hunters

Going into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree and cut it down is one of our traditions.

As the boys came along, the two of us would take them along.

Now that I am getting older, though, I am beginning to be less than enthused about going out to cut down our tree. I am overheated and cozy next to the air vents of the Heating and Air Conditioning plan that runs regularly. My spouse still wants to trudge out in the cold, and I told him I would go with him although but would remain in the car with the heating system running. He told me I was being a big goof and I had to go out and help choose the perfect tree. I watched him shudder when I asked if I could take a portable heating system with me. He jokingly mentioned that they now manufacture personal heating devices I could put in my gloves and in my socks. They even had furnaces that I could stick under my coat. When I went on Amazon to look for the personal furnaces he started to look at me in stunned silence. He swiftly realized how severe I was about having area furnaces or personal furnaces with me when we were in search of the tree of our dreams. It makes me wonder if my hesitation is due to my getting older or the arthritis that I suffer from. Maybe I am just over the whole concept of walking through knee high snow and dragging the tree back home. There have been times when we have trudged over a mile into the woods then been forced to haul the tree back a mile. It was fun when the two of us were twenty-five years younger, however now the only way it might be fun is if I have the personal furnaces to keep me warm.

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