Cleaning the ducts

Lately, everytime I went to use my air conditioner I had very little air coming out of the vents.

I even stood in front with my hand held out in front of the vents and sure enough there was almost no air coming out. I decided to call my uncle. My uncle is the owner of a heating and air conditioning business and I’m sure he could send someone out to fix it. Sure enough when the HVAC technician arrived he took a close look at my heating and cooling system and told me that my air ducts were badly in need of a cleaning, they were heavily clogged and that is why almost no air is coming out. He also advised me to have my ductwork resealed and cleaned. I agreed and he got straight to work. The HVAC serviceman was nice, but the price was overpriced. I hadn’t bothered to check prices before hand and just had him make the necessary adjustments and now that it was fixed I had to pay for it. He gave me the total and I reluctantly paid the price before heading back inside my house. Now approaching the thermostat, I turned on my a/c as I usually do and held my hand out in front of the vents. This time however, I was meant with a strong, steady flow of cool air, blasting out of my a/c vents. Turning the air conditioning down slightly I went and sat down in my chair to relax. It may have been expensive, but having the a/c fixed was worth it.

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