Clearwater beach could be a good place for a date night

For my boyfriends birthday, I planned a long romantic weekend for us, in Tampa.

I made reservations at a Clearwater Beach hotel.

At the last minute, his friends told me they were going to take him away for his twenty-first birthday. I was devastated, but then they said that instead of my changing our plans, they would change theirs. They decided to get hotel rooms in the same hotel I was getting. I knew that our plans were going to be completely shot. Here I was, planning a romantic weekend in Clearwater Beach, and there were going to be six other guys there. I had bought him a new paddle board and he spent the entire weekend out on the ocean with his friends. At night, we spent the time in local clubs, while they drank and I became designated driver. We got to hears some amazing music and I was surprised to find out the guest DJ at one of the local clubs, was actually a famous singer. We had only paid a nominal amount to get into the club and we ended up being serenaded by a Grammy award winner. I wanted him to have a great birthday and from the amount of laughing and whooping he and his buddy did, I’m sure he did. At least I got to spend some time on the beach, since it didn’t rain. I did get to hear some amazing music and I can tell my friends I was in the Clearwater Beach, Tampa area. Maybe we’ll have a romantic weekend when my birthday rolls around.
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