Coffee and air conditioning

Probably the only things that I really care about in the morning are getting my coffee and enjoying the air conditioning.

  • In the winter season, it’s all about enjoying the heating though.

With the coffee, it’s basically like it’s impossible for me to focus and wake up without it. I love smelling that fresh aroma and taking in my first sip. It really gets me going in the day and then I can take a nice shower and get ready for my day. I’ll either be getting ready for work or doing other things on my days off. I love to go out and attend to my garden. I have all kinds of tomatoes, carrots, and even peppers! I always need to make sure there are no weeds in there messing with my prized plants. I have a few sunflowers as well. I love sunflower seeds and I actually harvest and prepare the seeds on my own. Also in the summer season, I enjoy grilling outdoors as often as I can. One of the main reasons I prefer doing this is so that I don’t mess with the A/C in my home. I don’t like having my home overheated with using the stove when it’s so blazing hot outside. It can be difficult being outside gardening or grilling for very long, so I love to come in and take breaks in the air conditioning when I can. I also love my place of work because at the office, we have a really great HVAC system. The air conditioning is always on point and the temperature control is always just right. The heating is great in the winter months, and even the air quality remains nice. The air is never too dry, so I figure they must use a humidifier in the winter season.

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