Cold symptoms and dirty heating unit disguise a severe mold problem

Back in the day, I never got sick. This is astounding to most, as I used to fall ill all the time when I lived in my second city! In my hometown, it felt like I consistently had some kind of head cold, stomach bug, or lingering fever. I was perpetually having to pop pills, take dust sensitivity meds, and put myself to sleep with cold medicine just to avoid the pain. Though I can’t confirm that any of this was the healthiest lifestyle, I’ve since moved to a different region of the country where I have noticed a steep increase in my personal health! I seriously couldn’t tell you when I last had even a faint stuffy nose. That’s why I was completely taken aback the day that I woke up to find a substantial flu virus appeared to have taken over! I couldn’t breathe or speak, with my thoughts being heavily clouded due to the pounding headache I had. No amount of medicine allowed me to nurse myself back to health! So, I sat in the house, shivering endlessly while I ran the central oil furnace as hard as I could to stay warm and somewhat comfortable. See, I think I had the thermostat turned up to 85 degrees for multiple days! No matter how much warm air was pumped into the house, I never felt much warmer! After a few weeks of this nonsense, I called out to one of those Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman to tune up my poor, hard-working gas furnace. When he was examining the gas furnace, he found a ton of black mold. Guess that explains the flu symptoms, huh?

a/c professional