College is so important

Were you encouraged to go to college? When I was growing up, no one ever really talked to me about going to college, but somehow, I knew I would be expected to go.

It’s just what my siblings and I did. I don’t know why we had that attitude, really, as neither my mom nor my dad went to college. They got married quite young, as was the norm back then. My mom was 18, I think, and I think my dad was only in his early twenties. He worked, and my mom stayed home, until he died, when she had to go to work to live. Anyway, I was surprised to find out my boss’s grandfather encouraged him to go to college by making him work in the roofing business. He told him his choices were to have a job like roofer or go to college. Generally, I think it is good to go to college, but not everyone is cut out for it. When I was a teacher, I acknowledged that, and I encouraged some kids to learn things like HVAC. I had several students whose fathers were heating and cooling repair technicians, and they provided well for their families. In fact, I’m pretty sure the HVAC guys made more money than I did as a teacher with a graduate degree. Anyway, several of my students took the HVAC classes that my school started offering, and then they finished their HVAC programs at the local tech school. I believe in college but I also believe in programs like HVAC that provide a way for people to earn a good living without going to college. One of those former students now fixes my HVAC for free!