Combination of duct cleaning and air purifier combats odors

Last August, my husband and three sons took a fishing charter.

  • They spent the day out on the lake and returned home with a cooler full of fresh fish.

I fired up the barbecue and cooked fish for our dinner. We ate out on the back patio and it was delicious. I froze the leftover fish until I decided to prepare it over the winter. I baked the fish in the oven and the smell was horribly strong. The odor got into the ducts and was spread throughout the entire house. Since the outside temperature was down to eighteen degrees, we couldn’t go without the heating system. I certainly couldn’t open up the windows to air out the house. I hoped that the fishy smell would dissipate before we headed to bed at night. Unfortunately, I could still smell it the following day. This was a clear indication of problems with indoor air quality. I scheduled an evaluation of the home with a local HVAC contractor. He noticed the fishy odor the moment he stepped inside. After an inspection of the heating system, he told me that there was a buildup of contaminants within the ductwork. This accumulation harbored odors and spread harmful bacteria and toxins into our breathing air every time the furnace started up. He recommended duct cleaning as well as the installation of an air purifier. The air purifier runs 24/7 and requires only annual upkeep. It treats the air as it passes through the heating system, trapping particulate and killing microorganisms. It gets rid of bad smells and provides a cleaner, fresher and more enjoyable living environment.


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