Coming home to some new HVAC and unbelievable support

I have to hand it to my parents.

They are just so unbelievable and I’m ever so blessed to be their son. I’m the youngest and it looked for a while that I might be the one who got through early adulthood without having to move back in to the quality heating and air of home. I have many older sisters who both had to move home to sort of reboot life. My oldest sister got pregnant her freshmen year of school and she came home to the air conditioning at mom and dad’s. My other sister, a classic major, had to live at home for almost 3 years after she graduated school because she couldn’t find a task in her field. And there I was, got through my undergrad and then grad school. Next, I was off to the zone controlled office of the finance supplier I had wanted so exhausting to toil for. Things were golden. While I was still on an entry level salary, it was nothing to sneeze at. I had my own house with unbelievable HVAC equipment. That’s not a pairing you see all that often. I was right on track to just keep going deeper into my work. Then the pandemic happen and everything went up in smoke within 3 weeks. It started with being sent home from that zone controlled HVAC. A few weeks later, I got laid off with honestly little option of immediate rehire. I swallowed what pride I had left and took my parents up on their support. Plus, they just had new HVAC unit installed so I got to care about that as well. My prospects brightened a year later however I’m sure grateful to mom and dad for the love, support and unbelievable air conditioning when I so needed it.


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