Commercial heating and A/C at the office

The other afternoon, I drove from the commercial heating and A/C of the office at the end of the afternoon, straight over to my apartment.

It had been a particularly strenuous afternoon inside the zone controlled heating and A/C of the office, for sure, it’s a certainly nice locale to work when it comes to decor and amenities. But it’s also the center of stress and challenge in my life. I’m still early in my career so some days can certainly be tough. That afternoon had been and I assume I just put on the A/C and the music in my automobile before I let the rest happen by muscle memory. The next thing I know, I’m sitting inside the A/C of my automobile in front of the home that I moved out of just months earlier, but yea, I could hardly think what I’d done. And that goes double because I’m absolutely in love being a homeowner, not only am I building equity instead of paying rent, I have my own residential heating and A/C that’s not older than I am, but honestly, I was done with renting apartments. It was just not something I wanted to keep doing so I had been saving every dime for about the last 8 or 9 years. When this cute, 2 living room starter home became available, I was able to jump right on it. There was plenty of work to do for sure. But mostly, it was stuff that I could handle. When it came to the heating and cooling in my new locale, I turned to the heating and A/C professionals of course. Instead of replacing the central A/C equipment, I chose to go with a ductless multi split system. Turns out, I like the ductless heat pumps way more than the central A/C.
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