Company logo on the shirts looks great

I was looking for a way to advertise my Heating and Air Conditioning contractor in a creative and interesting way and my receptionist came up with a relaxing idea… Her kid was playing little league and the team was looking for a new sponsor.

The new sponsor is responsible for providing uniform shirts and ball caps, but they are embroidered with the name of the team and our Heating and Air Conditioning contractor contractor logo.

When she came to me with the idea, I was immediately excited. I knew it was a relaxing idea. I played Little League ball when I was a kid, but I haven’t been to a baseball game in years and years. I met with a few parents from the team and all of us came up with a design for the new uniforms and ball caps. The Heating and Air Conditioning contractor logo looks relaxing on the front and all of us even have a small emblem on the side of the baseball hat. The team colors match our logo and it looks great! Both of us have a few other responsibilities as the sponsor of the team, love paying for transferation to and buying trophies for the youngsters at the end of the season, but during the season, all of us will be required to shell out cash for several items. That is part of the responsibility of being the team sponsor, of course, every parent that comes to the game will see my Heating and Air Conditioning contractor logo on the team jersey. That’s a lot of relaxing advertising and I think all of us will acquire a lot more dividends then I will pay in fees.

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