Completely redoing the HVAC method and ductworks

In July, my wife and I decided we wanted to explore new territory.

For the past 20 years, we raised our kids in our little cottage.

Bit and comfy enough for a family, small and lonely when our kids moved out. So, looking for a new place, and found a perfect lake house only a few miles away from our cottage. After a few months of negotiation, we were able to get a fair price and move out. There was a lot of work to be done on the inside, and I knew it was going to be costly. For new six months, my wife and I worked tirelessly making this lake house the perfect home. Including redoing the carpet and adding wood floors, taking down the cabinets with more newer, prettier ones and remodeling the bathroom. Last, we redid our HVAC plan. The last owners apparently had no idea what they were doing, as the entire HVAC system was everywhere. I tried to fix it myself, but it was just too big of a mess to deal with it. So we called a HVAC business and they sent out an HVAC specialist to take care of it. The HVAC specialist said everything involved with our HVAC systems was done incorrectly, and it was borderline dangerous. This was particularly concerning, and it took multiple different HVAC professionals to go over our entire HVAC ductwork. It was a mess. But, they had managed to get it working. The price could kill, but at least this was now fixed. Finally satisfied with our house, my wife and I skipped stones by the lake next to our lake house.

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