concerns of cooling

It’s funny, whenever I would get mad when I was young, people would tell myself and others to go cool off; The funny thing about that is that I would literally do as they said, I would go cool off.

I had a window A/C component in my room, so that was my favorite venue to cool off.

I would crank up the air conditioner via the temperature control, properly to the coldest setting. It was smart to do this too because it really worked. When I started cooling off, I started to forget what made myself and others so angry. Sporadically I suppose that anger can be really irrational, plus you make stupid decisions when you are mad! Perhaps that’s why people say to go cool off, because it helps you clear your mind plus come back to reality. Even to this day if my husband plus I get into an fight, he will say the same thing to go cool off, plus I don’t fight anymore, I just go plus crank up the cooling system. We really have Heating plus A/C zone control in our condo because that is something all of us used to fight about, the temperature control settings. When all of us got the Heating plus A/C zone control installed, that made it easier for us to get along better, however of course, all of us still have fights here plus there but nothing that is really serious. It’s consistently something all of us can absolutely work past, plus cooling off is consistently the best way for myself and others to calm down. My husband makes fun of myself and others sometimes because he thinks that I just adore to hear myself yelling.

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