Construction crews hold up the freeway for hours

My wife and I love to take road trips, and we have learned a couple of tricks.

We always stop for gas in an area where there are several different truck stops.

Competition keeps the gas prices low and that’s important because we have a diesel truck. Another trick that we have learned is always leaving at night and driving during the evening hours. There is always less traffic because there are fewer cars on the road. We don’t have to contend with rush hour traffic. In areas of the country where there are large cities, rush-hour traffic can easily hold us up for several hours. Driving at night is the easiest way to save time as long as you don’t mind staying awake when the sun is down. My wife and I recently went to the lake and we got held up on the freeway for hours. It was daytime hours and there was a construction crew working on the bridge. My wife and I had to cross the bridge in order to get to the lake. We had to sit in traffic for hours while the construction crew worked on a problem. One of the large cranes fell to the side of the road and it was blocking three lanes of traffic. Most of the workers were standing around talking or drinking coffee. We were sitting still for half an hour and three guys were playing games on their phone on the side of the road. The construction crew certainly didn’t make me feel like my tax dollars are working hard.


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