Construction in the home

When I built my home, I talked to the construction contractor about home automation. He had been telling me that I should consider installing the wiring and technology needed to incorporate home automation, while the actual construction was being done. At first I balked at the idea, not ever thinking I would want to have automation technology in my home. He told me that within five years, over fifty percent of all homes would have home automation systems installed. I talked to him for quite a while when I told him to go ahead and put the smart home capability into the home. It wasn’t two years later that I was glad to have the smart home capability. I knew that I wanted to be able to have automation built into my HVAC system. My wife and I wanted to be able to incorporate the HVAC system into the smart home system so that we could have the Smart thermostat. I never thought of a smart thermostat as being part of home automation. If we hadn’t already had the wiring done and the wireless capability installed, we would have had to have holes drilled into our wall and a lot of added expenses. Now we can access our HVAC system and even take control of our lights and the locks on the doors and windows, by simply using our smartphones. I’m glad our contractor convinced me to have the smart home capabilities installed into our home. Not only do we have added convenience, but we have also saved energy and money with the addition of our home automation system.


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