Container eating establishment was perfect

The moment our tote arrived, everything was inside and operational

When I wanted to open up a eating establishment I started with buying a rue of land in the right area, but i then had grand plans of having the eating establishment erected by a building crew. I had difficulty getting the workers to come, building permits and the expense of it all. I thought I was going to have to sell the land and provide up our dream, and thankfully I found that a lot of people now are doing tote eating establishments. It looks like a pressing grey box from the outside. It is technically a shipping tote on the inside, but however, a tote eating establishment is seriously cool, and you can have everything you could want in a kitchen and dining area in a shipping tote with no issue. The tote business I used let me design our tote kitchen and dining set up all online. I got to decide where people would place orders, how big the dining area is and what things I wanted in the kitchen. I could option from commercial kitchen equipment, ordering kiosks, powder rooms, light outlets, window placement, and so much more. It was amazing the features that could be included in a tote eating establishment, then working with the business was so helpful about telling me how to set everything up and what would labor best. It was a turnkey solution as well. The moment our tote arrived, everything was inside and operational. I was able to open our eating establishment that actually day. I had everything working and all the device ready to use… My dream came true for actually little time, effort and money.



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