Contractor forgot to install air vents, so now my folks are paying the price

That is also very true.

Several years ago now, my parents moved to a brand new state and a brand new city. It happens to be a locale with quite a reputation for being hot, humid, and wild all the time! Perfect for a couple in their mid-life crises. Whenever people hear about where they live, they always ask if my parents are among the awful drivers that contribute to the ungodly traffic in the city. That is a tolerable judgment – and yes, they do. Secondly, they usually say something about how they personally could never live in such tepid conditions, and again I would agree. However, I’ll say that if you have air conditioning at home, you’ll be fine! Lastly, often people mention that to the quality of beach house construction down here is quite terrible. That is also very true. I cannot even argue, as my folks put up with that city far more than I ever would! I have seen some actually awful houses in that place, and one of the worst would be my parents’ place. If you were to start looking around, you’ll abruptly notice that the suppliers messed up bigtime. Look carefully, and you can find air vents – just kidding! No matter how strenuous you look around my parents’ home, there are no air vents in the entire house! This is mostly despite the fact that a central heating and cooling system was installed back when the beach house was made! The furnace and a/c are powered up and connected, but there’s no air ducts to be seen in the house.

a/c representative