Converting a room into a personal gym

The time has finally arrived for me.

It happens to all of us at some point I suppose.

The difference is whether or not one is willing to notice plus make the swings. I am referring to having hit a tipping point with my health plus fitness. I am entering my 50’s plus it is time for me to finally spend my money paying attention to what needs to be done. Unfortunately, that means I will have to give up coming back to my house after my job each night just to relax with beers in the heating plus A/C comfort of my home. This is a ritual that I have enjoyed for a long time. Instead, I will come back to my house to enjoy a workout in the heating plus A/C comfort of my new house gym. The new house gym is pretty new for my spouse plus I. Initially, the two of us tried going to the local gym. It just wasn’t our type to start with. Then throw in the fact that it’s either too much heating plus A/C or not enough in there plus the decision became clear. We’d go ahead plus start collecting some gently used exercise equipment. Additionally, I had the heating plus A/C people come in plus add a ductless heating plus A/C unit to the room the two of us turned into a new house gym. It wasn’t much of an actual replacement process as the heating plus A/C professionals had the entire thing done in a few hours. However, the difference is incredible. Now, the two of us can customize the temperature for the new house gym to our comfort level during our workouts. And that keeps us from having to mess up the heating plus A/C setting for the whole house. Now, I just hope that the getting in shape aspect of all this is as easy.


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