Cooling equipment malfunction before a wedding

Most people opt for outdoor weddings, mainly when it is too freezing or raining outside, however this bride wanted an indoor wedding.

The bride was also a close friend, so it was not just another wedding event I was planning.

The hall was charming, with an even breathtaking view of the lake. The night before the wedding, we ensured that everything required for the next morning was there. The tables, chairs, and drapery were all there. The only problem I was having was that the banquet hall was too warm, even with the temperatures being significantly low outside. It was too late to call the cooling specialist, and the maintenance people in charge of the hall had no significant comprehension of cooling technology or the Heating and Air Conditioning system. They maintained the air filter and told me it was okay, but not trusting them one bit, I maintained it myself and found out that even though it was not full of grime, it was still dirty, and since it was a washable filter, I asked them to disinfect it. The next morning I went to the cooling industry office to ask for assistance. The cooling expert offered the cooling install quality A/C service, and it was running smoothly again. The indoor air pollen levels improved, and I could finally be at ease. The two of us could also set up the flowers, which we had not done because of the state of the cooling equipment and air quality before fixing. The flowers would have looked withered by the time the reception was starting. The mishap with the climate control idea had me thinking about my own and also that the HEPA filter was long overdue for a updatement.


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