Cooling HVAC is essential in our home

Regrettably, it appears that our finances get more and more tight with every passing year.

I don’t see much relief on the horizon as far as better pay is concerned.

So, we do the best that we can do. This pandemic hasn’t helped at all. Our household budget took yet another hit as our income has been reduced due to the economic contraction. I am working from home in the HVAC. My wife is doing the same. However, our bonus and sales structure has been diminished. This means that we have to do everything we can and a bit more to be sure we are spending rationally. In our area, HVAC is a big deal and it’s expensive. The heat here is around at least 7 months a year. But, we get blasted with the heating in the summer. That means all of us have to have good HVAC to get through the summer with some semblance of comfort. This year, we are having to push ourselves a it more to be sure that we are getting the most value from our HVAC dollar. That has meant the house is a bit warmer during the day than it ever has been. We have decided to keep a close eye on the thermostat since we are both working from home. We let the temps in the house rise as it gets hotter outside. There is no way to get around using the HVAC because it is fundamental to just getting by during the heat season. However, we are supplementing the cool feeling with fans. Less HVAC and more fans means more money in our pocket.