Coping with a new electric heating system in the lab

I have been a professional lab technician for the last one year now after leaving college and successfully completing my training.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to the heating and cooling situation where I was because I hardly spent enough time at actual labs.

But here, things are different because now i work in a research institution with actual labs and countless machines and equipment to watch out for. The experience is overwhelming and challenging at the same time. From the look of it, everything looked perfect except for their heating technology. A senior technician explained to me that when the lab was built, the architect mistook it for a normal learning building and ended up miscalculating the quality ac service needs of the building. When the a/c setup was being done, they realized that there was little room for ductless HVAC and many of the new air conditioning equipment bought couldn’t be fitted. At first, they called in a cooling representative to advise on cooling install ideas then a general air conditioner worker to help set up the electric heating system. At first, the heater for sale that was bought was insufficient to handle the heating needs of the lab, so additional heating devices were bought and together with air purification help, the lab has been able to achieve its optimum heating needs. From the look of it, they now have quality heating but the constant heating demands in the lab means they have to arrange for heating repair or maintenance every few months just to ensure that every equipment stays in good condition.


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