Corporate wellness program for stock guys

I work as a stock person for a major grocery store.

I move a ton of heavy boxes daily.

I basically either load them on a truck or off a truck. Sometimes I get to be in a forklift that moves large blocks of product. No matter what I do, I am bending over and picking up heavy things. A few years ago a ton of guys went out on workers compensation. Many of them strained their backs picking up the pallets. Sometimes a guy fell on the work floor and really damaged himself. This is because they could not properly catch themselves and get up. To be blunt, all the guys I work with are overweight. Nobody was in shape a few years ago and that was why there were so many injuries. The company now requires us to do fitness classes. We do a corporate wellness program at the local personal training center. Three days a week we are required after work to do the class for an hour with a personal trainer. A lot of the guys bitterly complain about it. I get it, the company doesn’t want to pay for out of shape guys to get hurt. In the class we learn to fall and catch ourselves. We learn how to get up and down properly. We learn good form in squatting and lifting. The company also works with the gym. If we wanted to do more fitness classes, they would be half off. I take full advantage of this. I go everyday after work. On the weekend I have been taking other more specialized fitness classes.
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