Corporate wellness program is helpful for crew from a warehouse

I participated in a corporate wellness program through me work. I work at a warehouse with industrial machinery and heavy inventory on a daily basis. The guys I work with in the warehouse were suffering frequent injuries. It wasn’t hard to figure out why. All the guys are sort of fat, out of shape and they have no flexibility or balance. There were frequent falls on the job. Guys were lifting too much weight and straining muscles. They were missing work and costing the company a fortune in compensation. The company I work for finally set us up with a personal training center. The warehome crew now participates in a group fitness training class every week. The whole point of the class is to prevent injury. We’re strengthening core muscles to be able to lift and carry weight without injuring ourselves. T personal trainer focuses a lot on balance and flexibility. If we fall, the hope is that we can catch and support our own bodyweight. A lot of larger guys have learned how to get up and down off the floor safely. We all do a series of exercises that are meant to tone muscles and burn fat. A lot of these guys can afford to lose at least thirty pounds. Slimming down would help them on the job. At first, I thought the corporate wellness program was a waste of time. How are a bunch of fat guys going to benefit from it? However, the personal trainer is great and we’ve all never felt better. There is way less accidents and injury on the job. A few of the guys are taking personal training classes on their own now. Several have lost a lot of weight and feel really good.


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