Could it be my thermostat?

It worries me when I don’t know how to repair my own appliances.

I could find out why my refrigerator was warming instead of cooling.

It took me a bit of time to make the repair, but three days later, I had a refrigerator that was running as good as new. When my washer was leaking, I found the manual, bought the part, and I had a washer that was working perfectly again. I hate it when I can’t find a repair for something I own. I don’t like putting out a lot of money to a repairman that I could have in my pocket. Like last week, when my air conditioning unit broke down. It isn’t like a furnace, or some other heating system, where there are a lot of complicated parts. I know how an air conditioning unit works, and I’m not working with gas or oil. It is an electrical unit. As long as I shut down the power to the AC unit, it should be simple to work on. I do all the maintenance on my air conditioning unit. I shut off the breaker and start working. I can clean the fan and all the other components. I turn the power back on, and it works well again. Last week, I tried to work on the furnace, but it wasn’t working. No matter how much troubleshooting I was doing, I wasn’t getting any heat. Then I thought about the thermostat. I went to town and bought a new thermostat. I installed according to the directions. I still don’t have heat and I know I need to call the HVAC company. Maybe I should have done that in the beginning.