Coworker was sleeping at the office the whole time

The two of us have a current task when a single coworker is giving us a hard time about the lifestyle being upscale.

This person always goes on Plus on about location trips with tropical locations and drinking for all Buddy’s. This guy is an upscale Enthusiast Fort many different Adventures Plus has a car that is too big for my opinion respectfully. It seems he tries for people to go out and big events and cause a big stir to flash that money around. It’s been quite a mystery to the two of us until quite recently when the two of us found out a little lie that has been going on for a long time. The two of us were shocked when we went back to the office to fetch some paperwork plus found that same employee sleeping on the buses couch. The two of us were surprised to lock eyes and the two of us realize that our co-worker was probably sleeping there for a long time. He was all set up in the place with a sleeping bag, pillow, plus had his own little fan. The AC inside of our office was seemingly on 62 degrees. The two of us looked at the guy + didn’t know what to say. We made a comment about the cold air conditioner plus grabbed our self plus left. The two of us never mentioned much about the problem plus the air conditioner was back up to the regular temperature in the afternoon. The two of us probably believe this guy is all full of himself plus doesn’t really have much of the things that he claims to have in his life.


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