Crazy Neighbor Lose It Over HVAC Issue

I happen to be one of those people who likes to remain calm and sort of let things even themselves out before acting. I have to confront people all the time doing what I do for a living. However, I prefer to use the praise first, critique later in most situations. Maybe that’s just my genetic makeup but, I just feel like it’s wasted energy getting all twisted up over trivial stuff. I like to let my emotions get a bit of HVAC cooling before I react. It blows my mind to watch other people just lose their mind over such minor junk. So much emotive freaking out makes me wonder how they get through something serious. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I try to just steer clear of those people when I have a choice. My neighbor totally exemplifies the behavior I have been discussing. This dude lives at a rage setting nearly all the time. It takes just about nothing to provoke this guy into a screaming fit. Every now and again, I get caught by him and can’t get away. The other day it was a freak out about the new HVAC law. Apparently, he was the last to find out that the refrigerant in his worthless HVAC unit is no longer manufactured in the United States. It was as though this decade long federal phase out was directed at him alone. All I heard was how it was a liberal conspiracy and that there was not such thing as global warming. At this point, he is following me to my door. So, I opened the door, turned to him and thanked him for his critical insight into such a complicated subject. Wow.