Creating ambiance in the room with my HVAC unit

I like to consider myself to be a very hospitable person.

I invite people over to my house all of the time, and I enjoy being social.

For me, being alone is one of the worst things on the planet, and I would definitely rather be with people. However, in order to be able to have people over to your house, you have to create an ambiance at your house that makes people want to come over. Without that, you will be very alone. An important component in creating the perfect ambiance is your HVAC unit. The temperature has a lot to do with comfort, as most of us realize but think very little about. Though extreme hots or colds can be unpleasurable, you should always lean to the warmer side. If your house is too warm, people may feel uncomfortable, but not nearly as much as if the air conditioner is too high. Shivering and shaking can make for a bad day, and most people won’t ask for something to wear to make them comfortable. On the other hand, if your furnace is running more, it creates a warm feeling. If you can prevent them from sleeping, what you will create is a room full of slightly drowsy people. They will begin relaxing and feeling sleepy, making them feel very comfortable. In the end, you should program your HVAC units to what your guests feel comfortable with, which means you should ask them what is best for them. Don’t make them feel scared to ask. Your HVAC units can be a valuable asset for friendship and hospitality.

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