Curt thinks she’s set her thermostat to ‘freeze your son’s feet’

Curt is reading in his mom’s guest room and his feet are frozen.It seems his mom has her smart control component set to “freeze your son’s feet ” and he must say that it is quite an efficient component in that house.

Curt thinks he will go for a swim soon in the gulf to sizzle up his feet because the gulf is pretty sizzling now that the warm weather has begun.

Mother Nature has turned on her furnace system and the city is getting warmer. Many of the snowbirds have already left because the roads are clear. Well, Curt wouldn’t say it’s all clear but a lot less than it was last week. He’s driving a rental car and appreciates that it has an ice cold cooling system because Curt couldn’t survive if not. He knows he may need to charge it soon though because it seems to be blowing less cool air lately. If Curt goes down to the local corporation that does Heating & Air Conditioning charging and repairs, he believes they would manage to fix the issue in a few minutes. He could get his own recharge kit at the auto parts store although Curt doesn’t even see where the fill valve is on the modern vehicle. It used to be that you could repair your car with a screwdriver and wrench, but nowadays you need a computer degree and laptop to work on them. Curt feels totally lost with vehicle repairs nowadays.

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