Custom made furniture for an immense family

My family is a undoubtedly immense one, in size; There is nobody that is under 6 feet tall, but both of us are not tall people who are noodle looking either; Everyone is larger boned & quite heavy! Needless to say, particular things are simple while others are difficult, however finding a family member in the crowd is simple… I can put anything on our highest shelves & all the people can access it.

Travel by plane is rough for us all.

Buying furniture is not an simple task. I recently have been trying to get furniture that fits my family’s size. The concern is that there is a proper couch, chair & table size. The height, width, length & depth are all predetermined. Our feet just hang off the couch & onto the floor, however kitchen chairs don’t last with our weight. The table is too low to the ground & every one of us all bang our knees off of it. I just need furniture that is larger. Online the options were just pitiful. The furniture looked cheap & ugly. I have now been going the custom furniture route. I have talked to a master craftsman & the girl is going to build it all by hand, then she has been great about the size aspect. I have given him exact sizing for the couch that works for us. The kitchen chairs are each going to be made for the family member. Both of us all are getting a perfectly sized chair. The kitchen table is going to be taller than a official one. I can’t wait to see how are custom made furniture come together in the home.

Wooden table