Dead mice in the Air Vents

My parents live in a undoubtedly old brick lake house in a moderate climate! They have owned their lake house for over 30 years as well as have no intentions of moving.

They had a brand modern Heating & Air Conditioning unit installed when they moved in, as well as have not had it updated since then, however one winter, my Mom noticed a family of racoons living under the porch.

They were harmless as well as not bothering anyone, so he decided to let them stay. They would come out at night crawl around on the porch. One night, all of us noticed that there were 2 babies missing from the family. We were nervous but understood that they might just be staying under the porch. Well, all of us were wrong. The babies had climbed into the cooling system unit as well as could not get out. We did not realize this until numerous afternoons had passed. We started to aroma a foul aroma each time the Heating & Air Conditioning idea turned on, and it got worse as well as worse as time went on. We did not make the linkion that the aroma was coming from the dead raccoon in the air vents! It was particularly an terrible aroma. We were so nervous when all of us found out that the babies got stuck in the vents as well as could not get out. A few weeks later, another family of racoons showed up under the porch, then my Mom called the wildlife hotline in the neighborhood as well as had them come option the family up so all of us would not have to deal with another situation like before.