Dealing with a frozen air conditioner

When I visited my Aunt Susan in a southern state, she looked relieved to see me.

My aunt and I hadn’t seen each other in quite a while.

When I arrived, I asked her what was wrong. Susan said the outside air conditioner component was frozen. I was rather surprised that an air conditioner compressor would freeze in warm weather. She took me outside and showed me. I was obviously frozen. There were icicles hanging from the equipment. I asked if she’d had any complaints with her air conditioner before it failed. She said no, that everything was working fine. The air temperature had remained nice and cool inside her home. I offered to call an HVAC contractor, and but firsted wanted to see if we could defrost the air conditioner on our own. First, I asked my aunt to turn both the air conditioner and fan off. We waited for it to thaw out. This did not take long due to the outside temperature. It was up to about 90 degrees that day. My Aunt Susan and I used towels from the home to wipe down the component and drying off the coils. We figured it was safe to turn the air conditioner back on, but we kept a close eye on it. It seemed to work fine, so we went about our day. My aunt took me to see historical sites and we had dinner at an upscale restaurant downtown. We did not make it home until 10 P.M. As soon we pulled into her driveway, I went around back to check on the air conditioner unit. It had obviously frozen up again! When I got inside the house, I told Susan and she was very disappointed. We needed to call a professional HVAC contractor.



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