Dealing with my allergies

I’ve dealt with some extremely drastic allergies since childhood, however I’m allergic to dairy products, nuts, dander, dust, pollen and just about anything that crawls, flies or floats in the air.

Because of this, keeping a scrub residing environment is so damn important to me.

I don’t want to deal with the headaches, coughing, sneezing, congestion, sore throat and sinus pressure that are all areas of our dust sensitivity symptoms. I’ve found that I need to be proactive in order to feel fresh and clean. I make sure to replace the air filters in the furnace and air conditioning every month. It doesn’t matter if the unit is now working its hardest or standing idle. With that being said, contaminants steadily become trapped and gradually clog the filter, and the purpose of the filter is to protect the heating and cooling system from the infiltration of debris. Whenever the filter is jammed, particles and pathogens manage to get inside the inner workings, and when the furnace or air conditioning starts up, it then spreads these pollutants throughout the apartment and compromises our level of health. I’ve started to enroll in a maintenance contract with a local Heating and A/C contractor that includes a service call in the fall and the Spring. The specialist takes apart, scrubs and also tunes all the unusual components of the furnace and air conditioning. He even starts to adjust the performance of the duct system. He checks for any accumulation of debris and holes or leaks at the seams. Because of these efforts, I can be sure that the heating and cooling system is contributing to rather than detracting from the integrity of air quality; Going a step further, I’ve also invested in a whole-apartment air purifier.
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