Dehumidification is no joke here in the south!

My husband in addition to myself recently moved into a modern home here.

It’s so nice to have the area that the people I was with and I desired! We’ve been in several places with multiple pets, and a cartload of kids! The people I was with and I previously lived in a multi-room apartment, which was very cramped compared to this house.

In addition, it was always packed in there! It felt as though hardly any room was there to walk around and relax at home. Even though the people I was with and I have a great air conditioning system running in the new house, I made sure to bring the several dehumidifiers that the people I was with and I used always in our apartment! Air conditioning obviously does something for the humidity, but not very much. It never did enough in the apartment, as it got so humid at times that I couldn’t take it! The study room was the worst! in addition to that, I felt it was because of the cooking that the humidity got so high. Since we love eating grains and pasta in this household, we’d have these pasta based meals almost every weeknight! The steam from cooking pasta made the humidity much higher in the room. I am not sure how the bedroom in our new house will do in comparison, but I’m eager to find out. I hope it will be better than that tiny apartment bedroom!


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