Designing a green chair

With today’s volatile investment market, it is wise to make smart choices with your money. Many people are looking for ways to split corners on expenses and purchase items that will last, rather than cheaper a singles that they will have to update in a few years.  The thinking has gone back to the days of our Grandfather Rents in some ways. They would never purchase something that was only going to hold up for a year or multiple, especially when it came to furniture. Why do you assume antiques are still around. They were made with pride, using great materials, and sturdy craftsmanship. Today, you are difficult pressed to find this type of quality in your average furniture store! Periodically, you are better to purchase an antique sofa or table, have it re-finished or reupholstered, and appreciate it for your lifetime as well.  If you are truly looking to purchase a quality piece that is brand new, you are going to pay for it. There are still furniture manufactures out there that do things the aged fashioned way. They hire skilled carpenters, upholsterers, and other craftsman to create a quality and sometimes particular piece for you. One advantage to this route is that you have the ability to choose your fabrics and finishes right from the start. Understand that you are making an investment at this time and not just buying a couch or table. You will pay a much higher price, but, you will have an item that will last and can be passed down in most cases.  Investing wisely sometimes means making choices for the future, not just the here and now.

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