Determined to make it in the HVAC industry

Ever since I was a youngster, I was very interested in heating and cooling technology.

I wanted to know everything about all HVAC systems and I wanted to learn how to work on them.

My brother was somewhat similar to me when he was growing up too, except he was more interested in working on cars. So I learned everything I could and would pick up HVAC equipment from junkyards and dumpsters. I was always surprised at how often I would come across old HVAC equipment. I was even able to sell old A/C equipment I was able to fix up. When I eventually went to a trade school, I came to learn that HVAC technology is a lot more advanced and complicated than I ever knew. It was so challenging, I actually didn’t get my HVAC certification right away. With the advancing rate of HVAC technology, it’s difficult to keep up with everything, but I was determined to receive my HVAC certification. So I went through the course again and I worked extra hard with my studies. The day I actually got my HVAC certification, I was the happiest man on the planet. I couldn’t wait to get out in the field and start working on different kinds of HVAC equipment. I went to a few HVAC companies that turned me down before I finally was hired by a place. The first few companies wanted somebody who had experience. Clearly I had none, so I kept on moving with full determination. I finally found a place that was willing to train, and I had a great trainer!
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