Dialing in on the HVAC upgrade

At the first of the year, we set up an separate savings account for the new HVAC equipment

Going into Christmas, I have to say that I was a bit more than bummed when I got the news from the HVAC technician. We belong to an HVAC service plan provided by our HVAC company. Part of that HVAC service plan is HVAC maintenance. This is a seasonal thing where we get the heating maintenance in the fall followed by an air conditioning tune-up in the spring. Where we live, the HVAC equipment of choice is the heat pump. This is due to the fact that our biggest climate challenge is the heat. For a lot of people, they turn on the air conditioning as early as mid March and it can still be in use by November. So the winter doesn’t really need a ton of HVAC heating. However, the heat pump does come on to basically knock the chill out of the house in the morning. Hence, the HVAC heating maintenance. But last year, the HVAC technician did the heating maintenance and told us that our heat pump was on its last legs. Not exactly the thing you want to hear at Christmas after spending on gifts and all the holiday trimmings. Still, I was thankful for the heads up and got busy right away. At the first of the year, we set up an separate savings account for the new HVAC equipment. And then we met with the HVAC professionals to decide on what sort of HVAC technology we wanted with our new residential HVAC. We dialed our choices in pretty quickly and we had the money saved for the new HVAC unit before we were even due for the air conditioning tune-up we would normally be getting.
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