Didn’t think about the ductwork

I didn’t think I’d ever be able to be a homeowner.

  • For me, I was pretty convinced that I’d be living in apartments the rest of my life.

That wasn’t the most appealing prospect given the state of the residential HVAC in my apartment. At the same time, I think I had just sort of accepted that this might be the way things go for me. I had tried to save up for a downpayment but it’s just tough for single people to own there own place with the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology. Then, a miracle happened right out of the blue. My great uncle died and left me his house and property. I wasn’t super close to my great uncle but we lived an hour away from each other so I would visit five or six times a year. He too was a lifelong bachelor so maybe he was just trying to help a fellow bachelor out. Regardless, I was suddenly a homeowner and so excited to get into my new place. But that house had some work to be done as well. For one, the central air conditioning was old and almost unworkable. So I called the HVAC company and planned to replace the HVAC equipment. But I didn’t even think about the ductwork. Sure enough, it was shot too. And I thought I was sunk because I had a very limited renovation budget. But the HVAC professionals saved the day with ductless heat pumps. Not only is this heating and cooling method more economical, it’s also so incredibly efficient since there is no ductwork needed. I love the quality heating and air that I’m getting from my ductless heat pumps. And I’m loving being a homeowner finally.

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