Different upbringing, same problems

Even though my wife and I are so different from one another we still manage to make it work.

I am from north america, and she is from a city in the southern region, thousands of miles away from where I am from. There are a million things I love about my wife, but there are also some things she does that drive me crazy. One of those things is her perception of air conditioning. Growing up as a kid, my wife was told by her family that having an air conditioning unit is not only unnecessary, but it is bad for your health. They told her that breathing in cold and unnatural air will give long term negative health problems. As a kid from a place where every house has air conditioning, this was insane to hear. My dad even worked as an HVAC repair tech until he retired, so I knew more about air conditioning units that most people knew just from being his son. Now that we live together I have had to learn to compromise with her when it comes to how often I can run the a/c. Whenever she is out at work or at the gym, I am free to run the a/c as much as I like. Whenever she is home and when we go to bed at night, the a/c is supposed to stay off. Most of my nights I end up sweating so much that I will wake up thinking somebody dumped water on me. I love my wife however, and sometimes we have to compromise for the ones that we love!


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