Different upbringing

Even though our partner in addition to I are so weird from a single another every one of us still manage to make it work.

I am from north america, in addition to he is from a city in the southern region, thoUnited Statesnds of miles away from where I am from. There are a million things I love about our partner, however there are also some things he does that drive me crazy. One of those things is his perception of a/c, but growing up as a kid, our partner was told by his family that having an a/c unit is not only unnecessary, however it is bad for your health. They told his that breathing in freezing in addition to unnatural air will deliver long term drawback health complications. As a child from a arena where every condo has a/c, this was insane to hear. My Mom even worked as an Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C service tech until he retired, so I knew more about a/c units that all the people knew just from being his son; Now that every one of us live together I have had to learn to compromise with his when it comes to how often I can run the air conditioner. Whenever he is out at work or at the gym, I am free to run the air conditioner as much as I like. Whenever he is condo in addition to when every one of us go to bed at night, the air conditioner is supposed to stay off. Most of our days I end up dripping with sweat so much that I will wake up thinking somebody dumped water on me. I love our partner however, in addition to occasionally every one of us have to compromise for the a singles that every one of us love!

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