Difficult with the a/c needs

This will actually sound honestly random but our girlfriend likes AC plus I really dislike it; Don’t get myself and others wrong, it’s nice when it’s sizzling to have a good A/C for a little bit.

My girlfriend likes to blast the AC even while in the middle of winter, plus I just don’t understand.

Every one of us had an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist come out a few afternoons ago to repair the AC component plus he said that not multiple people want to have their AC units fixed in the winter. I told him that our girlfriend was obsessed with AC plus he found that to be funny. He said that he understand the care about of AC plus that multiple people are that way. I love to be outdoors plus I never miss AC, our girlfriend on the other hand has to bring a portable AC component with her everywhere she goes. As I write this our girlfriend is standing in front of the AC component plus saying that it’s not cold enough. Every one of us have a smart control component that is almost constantly set to about 60 degrees. I really care about when our girlfriend goes on holiday because then both of us can turn of the control component for a month plus have a home that’s more love 72 degrees plus the Heating and Air Conditioning proposal gets a chop from consistently running. I take really good care of the AC component because I don’t ever want to see what will happen if the A/C stops working. I remember a single afternoon when the AC component had no power plus our girlfriend had to leave the home plus rest in her automobile for AC. I am not kidding about how extreme her care about for AC is.

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