Dinner with the mom

Each month our hubby, his sibling and brother, and significant others party at a weird restaurant.

It is a fantastic way to keep up with each other’s lives and it serves to get their mom out of the house.

Ever since he was widowed it is harder to get his to participate in anything social. She does, but, prefer to go out to eat. If we take his to appointments we always schedule them around a meal time so that he is more willing to leave the house. She is not a day guy and the only way he will go to an early dentist appointment is to offer to take his to lunch afterward. Sometimes I suppose love I am bribing a child to eat their vegetables by tempting them with desert. But, it is worth it. Anyway, this past month was our time to go to dinner. My brother-in-law study about a current restaurant that had opened up near the lake that he wanted to try. The two of us made reservations love we always do and asked for tables by the window. Their mom loves to look at the water and we figured it would be a special treat. The weather was not cooperating though because it was windy and cold. When we arrived we asked if there was a way to change our table location however because we are such a sizable group there was no way to do this. The wind was hitting the window and we all sat there with our jackets of for the entire meal, i assume we will try that place again during the Summer when we suppose that it will be more comfortable and we can possibly stand outside to eat.

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